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Southland Kit Day 
Deaf and hard of hearing primary aged children in Southland experienced the inaugural  Southland Cooperative Commonwealth Games on the 27th of March. In conjunction with the Cooperative Commonwealth Games, the students were taught appropriate NZSL vocabulary to go with the activities. All the students had a great time working together sharing a fun day with their friends.
 Online Education Modules Launched
 Staff based at Sumner campus enjoyed participating in the official launch of the Online Deaf Education Modules. The modules have been designed to educate mainstream classroom teachers, teacher aides and specialist teachers of mainstreamed hard of hearing and deaf students throughout New Zealand. 
The online modules team have developed the first six educational modules with many more yet to be written. The first six modules include The Ear and Hearing, The Classroom Environment, Hearing AidsCochlear ImplantsRemote Microphones and The Daily Check
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